How To Handle A Dramatic Girlfriend: 15 Must-Know Tips Every Guy Should Know!

How To Handle A Dramatic Girlfriend: 15 Must-Know Tips Every Guy Should Know!

Look at yourself and your motives

If all your life you’ve been involved with a series of drama queen, then you need to pause and look at yourself first. Is it possible that you have a fascination for ladies like that? How come you always tend to attract them in the first place?

Fact is, it is possible that you have a complex and need to save girls like that; that is why you go out of your way to get mixed up with them in the first place.

The point is this; the common thing about your involvement with all those drama queens is you. In which case, you need to change that mindset of been responsible for other people’s bad attitude.

And guess what, if you really need thrills from girls with attitude, you can get more than enough from TV series and reality TV. That way, you’d get all the fun without the hassles.

Try to find a way to communicate effectively

Sometimes, if your girl is throwing a temper tantrum, it could be because she feels like she isn’t being heard, or she feels like she isn’t getting adequate space to express herself.

One strategy that you could try is to just give her some time to speak about everything that is on her mind without you saying anything. If you can give her the time to just get it all out, you may be surprised at how effective this can be for avoiding a future rampage.

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Set boundaries

Your life doesn’t need to continually be hijacked by your spouse’s behavior and neediness. You can decide what you will and won’t tolerate. For example, if your spouse demands your complete attention at the drop of a hat and regardless of what you are doing, you can lay out strict criteria for when you will address their concerns because they are not allowed to hijack your life.

Keep your calm

Drama queens feed on the energy or emotionally-charged situation that they create. Maintaining your composure doesn't give your dramatic girlfriend the effect that she's looking for. If you're in a group situation, keep the peace and maintain your composure. Screaming at her to "Quit it" may make matters worse. For example, she's hysterically huffing that she thinks you're looking at the other women in a flirty way when you're out at a club. Breathe in and calmly redirect her attention elsewhere. Reassure her that she's your queen -- not mentioning the word drama in that sentence -- and move her on to the dance floor.

How To Handle A Dramatic Girlfriend: 15 Must-Know Tips Every Guy Should Know!

Never rush to do their bidding

Drama queens generally want to be number one on the priority list of their boyfriends.

They expect you to drop whatever you are doing and tackle their problems immediately. They would never let up as long as you oblige them. So, to deal with your drama queen girlfriend is just a simple matter of ignoring them from time to time.

Make them understand that there are certain boundaries they can’t cross. Naturally, she would test you to see how serious you take yourself.

So it is just a case of sticking to your rules and making her understand you are not available at certain times of the day. And if possible, make her understand you are not at her beck and call on certain days.

Ask some of her friends to talk to her 

This is exactly why befriending your girlfriend’s friends comes in handy. Talk to one of her closest friends and ask for some advice on what you can do to help her calm down. There may be some issues that your girlfriend hasn’t mentioned to you, so her friend may have more insight on the situation.

Once you’ve done this, ask the friend to talk to your girlfriend on your behalf. If the very image of you incites rage in your girlfriend, having a neutral person involved may be a good idea.

Stop rewarding their behavior

If you pay attention to them when they act out, they’re learning that they can get what they need by acting out and they’ll continue to do it.So no matter what they pull – breaking things, insulting you, making threats, throwing a fit over something insignificant – remain calm. Don’t try to fix things for them. Don’t respond with insults, threats, or a fit of your own.If they see they’ve gotten to you, they’ll know they can get your attention by continuing to behave in this way. And you sure don’t want that!

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Assertively address the situation

Shrinking into the background and letting your dramatic girlfriend domineer the conversation won't help you to get your point across. Sit her down and rationally plead your case. If she starts to cry, scream or otherwise show her dramatic side, keep your cool and continue on with the conversation. Explain how her actions impact your feelings, and consequently your relationship. Use "I" statements such as, "I feel hurt by your constant accusations every time I go out with my friends." This shifts the discussion from pointing a finger at her to helping her see how you feel. Doing so can also help you to explore her need for attention. It's possible that she has low self-esteem and needs a boost.

Make them suffer the consequences of their behavior

Men who are helpless in the presence of a drama queen can be pathetic. And that is been charitable.

Drama queens would persist in bad behavior if they think they can get away with anything. Pathetic men would shield their drama queen girlfriends from the consequences of their actions.

For instance, these men would go out of their way to replace things destroyed by these girls.

When you force them to pay up for things they destroy, it would make them pause and think before going into one of their dangerous hysterics.

How To Handle A Dramatic Girlfriend: 15 Must-Know Tips Every Guy Should Know!

Enlist outside help such as family fiends or a professional

Some -- but not all -- dramatic people have a real condition called histrionic personality disorder. Characterized by a heavy concentration on their own personal appearance, being emotional and dramatic, having a high level of sensitivity when it comes to criticism and a need to be the focus of attention, this disorder can only be diagnosed by a trained psychological professional. Also sometimes known as borderline personality disorder, therapists use talk therapy or dialectical behavior therapy -- a combination of individual and group psychosocial therapies -- to help the diagnosed dramatic individual.

Practice self-care

Living with a drama queen is exhausting. You’ve got to spend time taking care of you especially after one of their outbursts. Learn what things help you to get back to you and out of the negativity. You might try meditation or taking a walk or getting a massage.

Listen to music

Listening to music is another great way to help you get through these temper tantrums. If you can find a song that expresses pretty much exactly what you are feeling, listening to it can help you process the feeling and get through it.

Perhaps your girlfriend can try listening to some music to manage the bubbling rage she has within her. Maybe if she listens to “Ride the Lightning” by Metallica, it will help her get all of her rage out of her system. On the flip side, a calming tune like some soft jazz can also help her calm her nerves.

Go out for a drink with your friends

Letting the steam out is always better than keeping it all bottled up. When you go out with your friends, you’ll be able to express yourself to people who will understand and support you. Not only will this help you relax, but you might even get some tidbits of advice from your friends on how to handle this delicate situation.

Do keep in mind that you should only do this if going out with your friends is NOT the reason your girl is on a roaring rampage. Otherwise, you’ll just give her more ammunition.

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Distance yourself

Putting some distance between you and your spouse when they’re acting out is very important. Maybe by remembering what is at the root of their overly dramatic behavior you’ll be able to emotionally detach from an outburst. You might also remember why you are (or were) drawn to the drama in the first place and correct your contribution to the situation.However, if you’ve tried everything and the situation isn’t improving, it might be time to consider leaving your marriage or even separating for a time.

How To Handle A Dramatic Girlfriend: 15 Must-Know Tips Every Guy Should Know!

Break up with her

If the tantrums are coming too fast and thick, you may just have to break up with her. A man can only handle so much. At some point, you might just have to say that enough is enough. Despite your efforts to solve whatever’s bothering her, there may be an anger issue that you can’t solve on your own. Do yourself a favor and call it quits.

In the end, too much drama can take its toll on you. In these situations, you may just have to accept that you can’t change her, and move on. If this is the case, don’t worry. Once you have gone through the break up, you can always whip out Tinder and start browsing girls who seem more easygoing.

Dealing with female temper tantrums can be extremely frustrating. Sometimes, these temper tantrums can be caused by something that is petty and irrelevant, and sometimes, they can be caused by more serious issues. But if you haven’t done anything wrong and your girlfriend is just being ridiculous, then using some of these tips can help get you through the situation.

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She flies off the handle, demands your total attention and bursts into tears for what seems like no reason. She's your girlfriend, and she's a drama queen. Unless you're ready to walk away, understanding how to handle her over-the-top antics can improve your relationship and help her to overcome her attitude issues. Even though drama queens often have an appealing sense of charisma, they're also narcissistic and emotionally over-reactive. While giving in and just accepting her outlandish actions may seem the easiest route to take, this will only enable her behavior.

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How To Handle A Dramatic Girlfriend: 15 Must-Know Tips Every Guy Should Know!
How To Handle A Dramatic Girlfriend: 15 Must-Know Tips Every Guy Should Know!
How To Handle A Dramatic Girlfriend: 15 Must-Know Tips Every Guy Should Know!