Protect your smartphone from damage when it is dropped into water

Protect your smartphone from damage when it is dropped into water

Equip your phone with a waterproof phone case

For the majority of popular phones on the market such as the iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy line, etc. it is possible to purchase a ruggedized water resistant case intended for full time use on the phone. These cases are ideal if you wish to have continuous protection for your phone and you want to use your phone in the wet environment (the beach, on your boat, etc.) with the same ease with which you would use the device in a regular phone case.

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Expect to pay around $70-100 for a proper water-resistant phone case with good seals, a touch-friendly front panel, and proper protection certification. The nomenclature used to describe water-resistance is know as the Ingress Protection rating (or IP rating) and is specified with two numbers in the format IPXY where X is the degree to which the case is resistant to physical ingress (the intrusion of solid objects like wires, grains of sand, etc.) and Y is the degree of resistance to liquid ingress. When shopping for a case you want to see at least an IP68 rating which means the case will keep dust/sand out and is water resistant to a depth of six feet for at least an hour.

Temporary Protection with a Dry Bag

If you’re not interested in investing in (or don’t like the bulk of) a full-on water-resistant case then there’s always dry bags. A dry bag is simply a heavy duty plastic bag that is designed to seal out moisture. They’ve been around for years to keep whole bags worth of gear dry on rafting expeditions and the like, but in the digital age you can find little dry bags designed just for phones, cameras, and other small electronics.

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The biggest benefit to using a dry bag is the price. You can get a rock solid smartphone-sized dry bag for around $10; heck, you can even get one for your iPad or your Kindle for around $10 too. It’s, by far, the most economical (yet very effective) way to approach protecting your device from water. Good dry bags even come with IP ratings just like water-resistant cases. We’re using a dry bag we picked up with our Waka Waka solar charger but if we weren’t then we’d snap up this $9 Joto Universal Bag. Although not all dry bag companies list IP ratings many do (and you should look for them); typically you’ll see an IP rating in the form of IPX8 where there is no value for the physical ingress protection (as it isn’t really applicable to a solid and completely sealed plastic bag with no port covers).

Wear a Bluetooth headset

This is a perfect solution for phone callers or music lovers. With a Bluetooth headset, your phone can be safely tucked away in your bag or pocket, then you can enjoy your favorite music or make a phone call with an easy mind.  

Use tempered glass

Tempered glass is first heated and then cooled using chemical and thermal technology. This makes it extremely durable compared to other screen protectors. Besides being resistant to scratches, fingerprints and shock, a tempered glass screen protector also helps to waterproof your phone. Avoid settling for a cheap mobile screen protector as the chances of water seeping in around the edges are higher.

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Keep your phone in a moist free place before charging

A simple raindrop or water accident may cause your phone damaged, so the best way is to keep your phone safe in a moist free place. And more importantly, please check and ensure your phone is not wet before charging. Nevertheless, if you find your phone getting wet, you had better not be in a hurry to charge for it. Just calm down and try the following steps:

Step 1. Remove the moisture on your phone immediately with a dry cloth or paper.     

Step 2. If your phone gets wet seriously, you need to turn it off and put it in uncooked rice to help absorb the moisture.

Take a spare phone

Natural disasters may happen unfortunately such as typhoon, hurricane, heavy rains, water flooding, and your phone may not resist to those uncontrollable situations. Therefore, we recommend you to have a backup plan in case: get a second phone to have all your data and phone numbers saved. This will make your life easier if you don't want to experience the nightmare of sudden losing contact.

Avoid making phone calls

If it rains heavily, you had better not frequently make phone calls unless you want to experience the bad quality conversation and take a risk of damaging your phone. However, if you get an urgent call, you can try to find a moisture-free place, such as under the roof, or at a bus station.    

Look after your phone when using it in the rain

If you have to use your device in the rain, you should pay special attention to keep some key parts away from raindrop, such as earphone jacks, USB port, fingerprint scanner, etc. 

If water still gets into your phone

If your phone still gets wet in the rain after all these safety measures, you can rely on the following steps to help rescue your water-damaged phone:

  • Switch off the phone.
  • Remove the SIM card, memory card and battery from the phone.
  • Wipe down the phone gently with an absorbent cloth or tissue.
  • Bury it in a bag full of uncooked rice.
  • Let it stand for 72 hours before switching it on.

Finally, the most anticipated time of the year is here: monsoon. And with the rains come the ‘Monsoon Getaways’. Be it exciting picnics, long walks or fun drives, you need to be equipped to protect your favorite companion – your phone. You might occasionally enjoy getting drenched in the rain, but that’s definitely not the case with your phone! So, here are some tips to make the most of the rain while protecting your phone from water damage at the same time. Hope you enjoy them!

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We use water every single hour and we often drop many things into it. We drop paper, pen, clothes or anything that we bring along. But dropping your phone into water is something really annoying. You will have to get it fixed or even buy a new one. It costs you lots of money and time, esspecially you put important things on your phone. So before this happens, why we don’t find ways to limit its consequence? Here are some tips you can use to protect your phone. They work quite well and make you out of nervous!

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Protect your smartphone from damage when it is dropped into water
Protect your smartphone from damage when it is dropped into water
Protect your smartphone from damage when it is dropped into water